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Unlock the power of the cloud

The bright new face of guest access management services

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Security & Compliance

Secure your data with the latest technologies, enhancements and updates.  Vostio ensures cloud security and compliance today and tomorrow with its ability to use only the necessary information required and defaulting to use the least amount of personal information needed to comply with  the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Making costs predictable

With cloud-based software services, you simply pay as you go. Monthly service license subscriptions make costs predictable. No upfront capital expenditures for on-premises servers  and software. No hassle. No surprises.

Simplifying use

No matter the task at hand, Vostio is easy to use. Whether behind the front desk, in the back office or on the go, you know exactly what to do and how to do it. Your staff readily learns how Vostio works. No instruction manuals required.

Creating peace of mind

Rest easy, knowing that your guest access systems receive the best possible care and attention. Cloud monitoring and management tools ensure 24/7 availability, automated upgrades and secure backups. Always operational, always updated and always backed up, Vostio simplifies the complex.

You must harness digital technologies, both to deliver a superior customer experience and to drive the agility and operational efficiency you need to stay competitive.

-The Future Of Business Is Digital, Forrester