Why Staff Safety matters?

Always keep your employees safe at work with Vostio Location Solutions- Staff Safety. Whenever a staff member encounters trouble or feels threatened, they can call for immediate help by pressing a personally equipped alert device button. Designed to ensure the rapid arrival of first responders during an emergency or distress situation, Staff Safety can pinpoint an employee’s exact location in real time. By instantly providing emergency responders with the precise room and floor details of an employee in distress, Staff Safety can reduce or even eliminate the consequences of any staff member being in harm’s way.

Engineered as a fully scalable platform, Vostio Location Solutions can also enhance your ability to elevate guest experiences by making your property readily compatible for the latest in location-based services. Make guest stays more convenient, more personalized, more productive and more secure. Vostio Location Solutions lets you rethink the way you do business.

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White Paper on Staff Safety

In this buyer’s guide, you will learn about the latest advances in staff safety technology.

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