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New AusEuropean property that offers guests a complete mobile experience selects leader in hospitality security technology for keyless entry.


KViHotel, located in Budapest, Hungary and referred to as one of the first smart hotel in Europe, offers its guests a complete mobile experience through the use of its mobile app, TMRW Hotels. With the ability to check-in through the application, the hotel is among the first smart hotels to completely remove the front desk, so guests can enter their room immediately upon arrival, removing the traditional check-in process of waiting in front desk lines to receive room keys. Boasting 40 technologically advanced guestrooms, the property officially opened in March 2018.


With a desire to create a high-tech atmosphere and with plans to integrate multiple services through its TMRW Hotels application, KViHotel knew it needed to find a security supplier that could seamlessly integrate with its application to allow for keyless entry. After researching several of ASSA ABLOY Hospitality’s key competitors and based on the global leader’s position as an innovator in hospitality security technology, KViHotel opted for ASSA ABLOY Hospitality to install innovative keyless entry, as well as several additional security solutions.


After becoming an ASSA ABLOY Hospitality certified partner, KViHotels’ TMRW Hotels application fully integrated with ASSA ABLOY Hospitality Mobile Access to allow guests to enter their guestrooms immediately upon arrival with a quick swipe of their mobile device. To coincide with the property’s goal of offering a complete mobile experience, KViHotel also installed the VingCard Allure electronic locks and Visionline locking system. With VingCard Allure electronic locks, guests simply swipe their smartphone against the lock’s LED panel that is housed on the wall adjacent to the door to gain access to their room. With the Visionline locking system, hotel staff has been able to improve security by being able to remotely control who has access to certain areas of the hotel and when.

Since the installation, hotel staff has received extensive positive feedback from guests enjoying the ability of being able to use their smartphone as a room key. Hotel staff has also benefited greatly from ASSA ABLOY Hospitality’s customer support team as they consistently met any needs the property had to ensure a seamless installation of the solutions.

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