Cleaning Guidance Communication


While increased concern regarding the current COVID-19 situation is fully understandable, ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions does not perceive any increased risk of contamination via our products. However, to minimize any and all threat of exposure, the company has enacted a series of measures including the mandatory use of masks and disinfectant sprays at each factory location. This includes the full sanitizing of products being packaged and shipped out of a facility. Additionally, the following guidance is being issued to team members in order to further reduce any potential risk:

  • Installers and technicians should be vigilant about thoroughly washing hands with soap and water, but if not available, should use an alcohol-based sanitizer. 
  • If available and practical, employees should also consider the use gloves while installing equipment.
  • Once the locks are in daily use, they can be subject to the same cleaning regimen as other fixtures and can be disinfected or sanitized as required.  As has always been the case, electronic locks and metal surfaces are best cleaned with Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) solution to maintain finishes and avoid corrosion. In general, to prevent a virus from spreading, we suggest regular cleaning using mild soap or detergent and water (preferably distilled).

During this challenging time, it is important for all of us to take precautionary measures focused on sanitization. Where contact with multi-user systems is unavoidable, always remember to wash hands thoroughly after use with antibacterial soap, hand wash, gel or wipes. Ensure that wipes are disposed of accordingly and avoid contact of your face with your hands during operation.

For further guidance, please refer to our Product Care page.


ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions cannot determine of the effectiveness of a given disinfectant product in fighting pathogens, such as COVID-19. Please refer to your local public health authority's guidance on how to stay safe from potential infection.

Please keep yourself updated on the latest news regarding COVID-19 on WHO’s website.