Critical Infrastructure

For Trust in Critical Infrastructure

Today’s society depends upon critical infrastructure to deliver uninterrupted services 24/7. Every sector is also under permanent threat from both physical and cyber security attacks. Abloy is at the forefront of meeting the challenges with advanced locking and access management solutions that add high level security, intelligence and awareness to your situation.

Securing performance across every sector

For all Critical Infrastructure protection there is no room for unseen downtime or interruptions, no matter how remote your location or how harsh the conditions are. They can lead to major security breaches, unhealthy outbreaks. Abloy covers critical infrastructure over a wide spectrum including:

Operational efficiency from digitalisation

ABLOY digital, electromechanical and mechanical keys and digital access management systems allow you to have complete transparency and awareness of your security situation. Mobile and one key access to everywhere and rights validation available from anywhere, is made possible with our CIPE Manager and digital portfolio. With an audit trail of each registered key providing maximum control and security at all times.

Durability that exceeds global safety standards

ABLOY Locks are tried and tested and have proven their worth in the toughest, most remote environments. This includes on land, sea, air and in infrastructure, government and defence users who trust in our high level security. We also have the widest of range of durable, ATEX approved padlocks, door cylinder and cabinet locks on the market.