Discontinuation of Magstripe Locks

Discontinuation of Certain ASSA ABLOY Hospitality Products

In order to continue providing our customers and their guests with the latest advances in security access technology and convenience, ASSA ABLOY Hospitality has announced the discontinuation of several of its older platforms in order to reallocate resources towards further research and development, as well as enhanced support for new solutions. With this decision affecting current customers using magstripe door locks, several safe products, the Vision access management system and both 2800/2100 platforms, we wish to stress our ongoing commitment to ensuring minimal disruption to property operations. Although no longer available for new projects, ASSA ABLOY Hospitality will continue to offer support services for Vision customers until 2023, with magstripe door locks being supported until 2025. 2100 platform customers will be provided with support until 2023, while those currently using 2800 platforms can expect to be offered support until 2024. For information on spare parts for any of the above listed solutions or to find out if any of your current security products are affected as well as available upgrade options, please contact your regional ASSA ABLOY Hospitality provider for additional details.

FAQs about Magstripe Locks

Can I keep my existing locks?

Conditionally, a hardware upgrade kit can be applied to the existing lockset and exit device to have it compatible with the newer Visionline system, but the wall reader (remote controller) and elevator controller must be changed to a new RFID version. However, depending on the age of the lockset it may be necessary to replace the entire lockset, wall reader (remote controller), elevator controller and exit device. A consultation will confirm what can be upgraded and what needs to be replaced.