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Catering to the Mobile Generation

How Educational Facilities can Leverage Mobile Access Technology to Align with the Needs and Lifestyle Preferences of Millennial Students

Mobile Access Education White Paper

Maintaining Security as a Priority 

Whenever student-oriented facilities consider implementing a mobile access solution at any location, the ability to cater to the growing demand for independence and self-service is certainly a significant factor given the strong sentiments voiced by this particular demographic. However, due to the often immense number of students and increased safety risk as a result, it’s a factor that should never be considered at the price of compromised security.

Because college campuses and student housing facilities are understandably charged with the wellbeing of students that are present at their location, an educationbased facility’s first and foremost responsibility is to fundamentally ensure a safe and secure environment at all times. Any decision to implement a solution that includes access security must therefore place the utmost priority on student and staff safety. When comparing mobile-access solutions, industry professionals must therefore bear in mind whether a particular platform can provide a level of security that meets the highest standards.