Maximizing the Advantages of Mobile Access Technology

Properties wishing to maintain a competitive edge can simply no longer afford not to provide guests with the opportunity to engage in a self-service, mobile experience.

Maximizing the Advantages of Mobile Access Technology

Offering Unmatched Security

The rise in popularity of these mobile services coincides with the growing presence of silent travelers, a demographic known for their reluctance to engage in human interaction at any stage of their journey. By offering guests the ability to use their own smart devices as a room key, hoteliers are able to provide an appealing service that allows this influential group to interact with a property on their terms even before they arrive on the premises.

Mobile technology continues to reshape entire industries and their services by providing users with enhanced convenience and the ability to personalize their experiences. The hospitality industry is certainly no exception. Interest has surged in offering mobile services, such as allowing guests to use personal smart devices to access guestrooms.