Electronic Locks

We provide our customers with the most advanced electronic locking solutions for senior housing including Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) compatible locking technology, as well as a range of innovative and stylish electronic locks. Designed according to the most demanding ANSI grade 1 standards, our electronic locks have been tested on more than 1 million openings. Based on a heavy-duty mortise lock case and a solid escutcheon, the lock is as solid as it is secure. Stainless steel handles compliment the lock along with self-lubricating bearings which ensure genuine quality and sustainability.

Since 1979, research and development have been a critical element for us in finding new solutions for the future. By working together as a team, using our learning experience from the market and combining it with our know-how, we can develop tomorrow’s solutions. The modular construction makes it easy to change and service parts without replacing the complete lockset. Due to our future-proof systems, the lock software can be upgraded in the field at any time when needs change without changing or removing any hardware.


VingCard Essence
All components are housed inside the door - creating a truly minimalistic design aesthetic.
VingCard Signature
A stylish and modern lock designed for the modern residence, offering more functionality and user-friendliness.
VingCard Classic
Available in all VingCard lock finishes, Classic offers another way of upgrading to RFID functionality, depending on style.
VingCard Flex
Specially developed for upgrading properties from hard key lock installations to the newest RFID lock hardware platform, without having to drill into the door.