Hilton Surfer’s Paradise Hotel & Residences

Iconic Australian Gold Coast property upgrades to VingCard Signature RFID with Mobile Access and leverages integration with guestroom lights and thermostats for enhanced guest comfort.


Situated by Australia’s renowned Gold Coast tourist mecca, Hilton Surfer’s Paradise Hotel & Residences is designed to provide ideal accommodation options to suit the needs of any traveler. From within the building’s modern high-rise interior, guests can select from a range of spacious guestrooms, suites and even apartment-style residences.


As a property representing the latest in hospitality modernity, Hilton Surfer’s Paradise aimed to update its current VingCard Signature door locks to provide guests with even greater security while offering the option of contactless check-in and digital key room entry. The hotel also wanted to implement a system that could reduce energy costs without reducing guest comfort.


Mirroring ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions’ approach to future-proof innovation, existing VingCard locks at Hilton Surfer’s Paradise Hotel & Residences were able to be upgraded to the latest version of Signature RFID electronic locks to provide additional features and operational advantages. Upgrading the locks to the latest version provides the hotel with a wide range of security advantages, including eliminating the risk of unauthorized keycard cloning. With its cost-effective full scalability, VingCard Signature RFID also offers instant compatibility with Mobile Access. This allows properties such as Hilton Surfer’s Paradise Hotel to effortlessly conform with new brand regulations requiring the deployment of digital key guest services or as part of enhanced cleanliness efforts. Now able to benefit from Mobile Access, guests staying at the hotel can look forward to breezing by front desk check-in lines where germ contact risks may be present. Instead, they can gain secure entry to their guestrooms from the moment that they first arrive by placing their smart device within proximity to the appropriate Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) reader.

Via seamless integration with the energy management system supplied by ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions Australia, VingCard Signature RFID can also automatically communicate with in-room thermostats and lighting to adjust settings based on occupancy. When a guest opens the door, Signature RFID ensures that guestrooms are always comfortable by working with the energy management system to monitor and manage humidity levels while making sure that lighting reflects a welcoming environment. Once VingCard Signature RFID detects that a guestroom has become unoccupied, the energy management system is alerted to re-adjust in-room settings to energy-saving mode: guaranteeing that lower operational costs never come at the price of maintaining guest comfort and satisfaction.

Following the successful implementation for the hotel’s 178 guestrooms, the Hilton residences and other apartment areas of the building have also upgraded electronic lock capabilities to VingCard Signature RFID. This includes providing the advantages of digital key entry with Mobile Access. If any additional apartments join the residences within the building, each can further be provided with immediate access to join the full benefits of door lock system being used by Hilton.

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