Hyatt Regency Istanbul Atakoy

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Hyatt Regency Istanbul Atakoy enhances resort security by implementing ASSA ABLOY’s VingCard Signature RFID door locks, elevator access reader technology and Elsafe infinity digital electronic safes.

Hyatt Regency Istanbul Atakoy Secures Guests with Latest Online Security Access and RFID Technology by ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions


Located in Istanbul, Turkey, Hyatt Regency Istanbul Atakoy is an upscale five star resort that overlooks the Marmara Sea. Guests vacation in luxury, while enjoying convenient, breathtaking Turkish landmarks close by such as The Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia.


The Hyatt Regency Istanbul Atakoy’s ultimate goal is to provide guests with not only convenience but also safety. Because convenience and safety are so important, this resort initiated advanced security by utilizing ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions to support their commitment to their guests. This commitment included streamlining efficiency of the staff and maintenance operations.


As a solution to maximize guest safety and satisfaction, Hyatt Regency Istanbul Atakoy has equipped its 284 luxury guestrooms with industry-leading VingCard Signature RFID door locks, elevator access readers and Elsafe Infinity digital electronic safes. Signature RFID door locks are designed so that guests can effortlessly wave their keycards anywhere within proximity, allowing easy access to their guestrooms. Signature RFID also increases safety and security for each guest by providing unmatched anti-cloning technology through its encryption platform, safeguarding guests from unauthorized intrusion. By implementing Elsafe Infinity digital electronic safes, Hyatt Regency Istanbul Atakoy can likewise ensure the protection of valuables, by supplying each guestroom with the first to be UL-1037 certified safe designed for the hospitality industry. Having undergone multiple break-in tests by Underwriter’s Laboratories, Inc., guests can rest assured that belongings left behind in guestroom safe can only be retrieved by those with authorized access.   

Providing a solution to enhancing staff efficiency and maintenance operations, Visonline has also been equipped by Hyatt Regency Istanbul Atakoy to eliminate the need for staff to manually encode room keycards. Working together with Signature RFID, Visionline also enhances property safety by facilitating the remote cancellation of lost or stolen keycards. With remote audit tracking abilities, Visionline also ensures that hotel staff always have access to detailed and easily obtainable data, in case of guest emergencies or disputes.

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