Novotel Convention & Spa Antananarivo Hote


5-star property adopts VingCard Essence door locks with Mobile Access to become a leading example of hospitality technology innovation in Madagascar


A newly constructed property in Madagascar, Novotel Convention & Spa Antananarivo Hotel sets out to provide its guests with a 5-star experience able to meet the highest of international standards. In addition to its panoramic views, hotel amenities include several restaurants, a wellness area & spa, along with a rooftop skybar.


The 180-room property sought out a security access solution that could enhance its reputation as a cutting-edge hotel equipped with the latest in technology that the industry has to offer. Hotel leadership also desired a solution that could minimize germ exposure risks.


Designed to reflect a modern and trend-setting environment, the 5-star property initially selected VingCard Essence due to its minimalistic and sleek appearance that can blend in seamlessly with any hotel décor. By opting to implement the lock in online mode, VingCard Essence also provides the hotel with a range of advanced security features in addition to its industry-leading data encryption abilities. These include the ability for staff to remotely review all room entry events without needing to physically inspect a specific lock. Combined with the Visionline access management system, employees can also receive real-time alerts for security threats such as a wandering intruder or a door that has been left ajar, and can instantly deactivate any key that is suspected of being stolen or used inappropriately.

With the adoption of Mobile Access, Novotel Convention & Spa Antananarivo joins a growing global list of hotels that are leveraging the latest technology to provide guests with a safer and more convenient means of check-in and guestroom access. Using their own personal devices, guests can bypass front desk lines where germ risks may be present and can instead check-in via mobile app. Mobile Access then automatically provides each guest with room number details and a digital key that is stored on their device which when presented to the appropriate door lock, ensures hassle-free guestroom entry. Aside from enhancing social distancing and limiting shared surface contact, Mobile Access also comes equipped with enhanced data protection features that maintain hotel security integrity. Engineering using the award-winning Seos credential platform, this includes the use of secure communication channels to deliver digital key data to guest devices and when a guest uses their device to interact with a door lock. Digital key and room number information is also stored within a digital vault on guest devices to prevent any risk of data theft.

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