Prague’s most exclusive hotel secured by ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions


Prague’s most exclusive hotel, a single suite of 6-star quality located in the city’s tallest building, has been secured with radio-frequency identification (RFID) hotel security products supplied by ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions.


As its name suggests, One Room Hotel is a single suite that commands a breathtaking view of Prague’s historic Žižkov district. One Room Hotel opened in Tower Park Prague in October, instantly becoming one of the world’s most exclusive hotel destinations and the most sought-after guestroom in the Czech Republic. Following a complete renovation of the iconic Tower Park Prague, the building now features an upgraded lookout observatory, restaurant and bar to complement One Room Hotel. 


Being one of the most exclusive hotels in the world, One Room Hotel had a need to have a modern locking system and an in-room safe for accessibility and security. 


The property now boasts the hotel industry’s premier modern luxury amenities, including the Signature RFID locking system from ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions. ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions suite of RFID locking systems feature contactless access control via encoded communication and secure anti-cloning software. Recent advances to ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions  RFID technology have more than doubled the distance at which locks can read keycards. Additionally, ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions RFID solutions are designed to be easily adapted to near field communication (NFC) – technology that is expected to be in widespread use globally within a few years and which will enable travelers to use mobile devices as room keys.

In addition to the RFID locking system, One Room Hotel has also deployed a bespoke version of Elsafe’s Infinity II RFID safe in a luxurious white finish. The state-of-the-art Elsafe Infinity II UL-listed safe employs the latest locking technology, including anti-tamper labyrinths and solid-steel hinges, making it one of the most secure in-room safes in the world. With its industry-leading audit trail, spring-loaded door and Flash-RAM memory, the Infinity II is the perfect means of protecting guests’ valuables, and its attractive, adaptable design makes it ideal for any hotel environment.

“One Room Hotel is honored to offer our guests the use of distinctive VingCard locks, which are the most advanced available and provide high user comfort through their contactless identification protocols,” says Roman Lain, owner of One Room Hotel. “The Elsafe Infinity II RFID safe is likewise a leading product in its category. The safes are fully compatible with Signature RFID locks, meaning a guest can use the same card to access both the room and the safe. ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions products are a perfect fit for the world’s most exclusive hotel.”