Pangea Pod Hotel


Ultra-modern and pod-based property implements Essence door locks alongside self check-in kiosks and RFID wristbands to offer maximum convenience, security and service personalization.


A recently opened property based in Whistler, Canada, the Pangea Pod Hotel provides its guests with the latest in comfort while ensuring privacy and low pricing via its unique pod-based design. With each pod offering travelers a cozy and laid-back environment, Pangea Pod Hotel is also recognized for its chic setting and commitment to providing enhanced convenience through advanced technology.


Providing guests with the ability to check themselves in using a self-service kiosk, Pangea Pod Hotel further enhances convenience by issuing each guest with their own RFID wristband to make on-site purchases for items such as food or drinks.  Yet wanting to provide guests with maximized convenience throughout the premises, property leadership sought out a security access solution that could be compatible with RFID wristbands as a means of authorized access, and that could match the hotel’s modern style.  Hotel management additionally desired a solution that could adopt new functionalities as guest needs and preferences evolve.   


A solution that leverages its minimalistic design to seamlessly blend in with the Pangea Pod Hotel’s chic style, Essence door locks feature only a stylish RFID reader that is visible to guests, with all other components encased within the door itself. While Essence ensures that each guest is able to gain seamless access by placing their wristband within proximity of the RFID reader, the solution is also equipped with the industry’s most advanced security protocols. This includes anti-key cloning abilities that leverages advanced data encryption to eliminate the risk of unauthorized access. Wristband keys are also instantly deactivated upon guest check-out, further preventing any potential lapse in security integrity.

Essence door locks also come Mobile Access-ready. This allows hoteliers to later upgrade to providing guests with the ability to use personal smart devices as digital room access keys, without the need for any additional equipment purchases or installations. Mobile Access by ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions also leverages advanced encryption technology to safeguard digital key and room number information. Once generated, such data is transmitted to guest devices using a secure communications channel and is then stored inside a digital vault within a hotel's app. Once a guest presents their device within proximity to the appropriate guestroom lock, digital key information is again transmitted via a secure channel in order to ensure that data is not able to be compromised at any step of the process.

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