Renaissance Toronto Downtown Hotel

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Upscale property located within Toronto’s world renowned Rogers Centre upgrades guestroom security abilities with VingCard Classic RFID and Visionline by ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions.


Situated inside the Rogers Centre which serves as home for the Toronto Blue Jays, the Renaissance Toronto Downtown Hotel is recognized for its unique surroundings and ability to provide guests with views of live Major League baseball games from their very own guestroom windows. As a hotel long committed to providing guests and staff with a sense of safety and peace of mind, the property represents the highest quality in industry standards and implements technologies that uphold the same.


With technology constantly evolving, the Renaissance Toronto Downtown Hotel decided to update its existing security access solutions in order to safeguard the property against new and increasingly sophisticated threats. Magstripe-based door locks tend to be vulnerable to issues such as unauthorized keycard cloning, and hotel leadership understood the need for a leading solution capable of preserving the property’s security abilities and reputation.  At the same time, the hotel also recognized that enhanced security could not come at the expense of diminished guest convenience.


In upgrading to ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions VingCard Classic RFID door locks, the Renaissance Toronto Downtown Hotel gains a contactless solution that provides the latest in anti-cloning technology. Via the use of encrypted data, Classic RFID-based keycards are immune to unauthorized reproduction and can therefore provide a vital extra layer of security that is not available with magstripe technology. By also opting to implement Visionline, the property can further enhance guest peace of mind by allowing hotel staff to cancel lost or stolen keycards remotely. With Visionline, staff members can also oversee all access attempts across the property in real time, offering them the ability to instantly minimize the effects of a suspected security breach or even prevent one altogether.

Regarding increased convenience when using an online-based security access platform, guests can be re-assigned to a different guestroom or have their stay extended without ever having to visit the front desk. Properties equipped with Visionline can also provide guests with the ability to use the same keycard for different areas of the hotel, enhancing the guest experience, while reducing costs.

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