Residence Inn Long Beach


Modern and scenic property implements Vostio Location Solutions- Staff Safety to maximize employee personal security at all times while complying with local legal requirements.


Situated just five miles away from the Long Beach Convention Center, the Residence Inn Long Beach Downtown caters to an array of guests visiting the area for either tourism or business purposes. Those staying at the property can look forward to several enticing amenities such as an outdoor swimming pool and fully equipped kitchens in each guestroom.


With local regulations soon to come into effect that would mandate the presence of staff panic devices at all hotels throughout the region, Residence Inn Long Beach Downtown leadership opted for a head start in identifying and implementing a solution that could ensure employee safety at all times. Also seeking to conform to its parent brand requirements, Residence Inn Long Beach Downtown further desired a staff safety platform that could provide in-depth reporting abilities in order to monitor performance and adequately log all events.


By implementing Vostio Location Solutions- Staff Safety, Residence Inn Long Beach Downtown employees can now obtain full peace-of-mind with the knowledge that help is always moments away should a threat to their safety arise. With property leadership recognizing the difficulty of monitoring all areas of a hotel at all times, Staff Safety allows employees to side step such issues by equipping each individual with their own panic device that transmits precise location details once activated.

Favored by Residence Inn Long Beach Downtown staff for its ease-of-use and ability to enhance feelings of wellbeing, Staff Safety functions with employees simply needing to press their device’s button during an emergency. The device then transmits a distress signal to a nearby Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) gateway, which then through the cloud instantly relays exact floor and room number details to first responders via text message. Of significant note to property leadership is Staff Safety’s ability to update first responders with the real-time location of an endangered employee if they move to another area of the hotel, ensuring that assistance always arrives at the precise time and place that it is needed.

With the Residence Inn Long Beach Downtown required by its parent brand to perform routine testing, Staff Safety’s detailed reporting abilities further provides leadership with the tools to ensure that the solution functions as intended at all times. Staff Safety’s in-depth log of events also provides vital insight into each alert, with details on exactly when an alert was received, acknowledged and completed for an extra layer of transparency and accountability.

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