Residence Inn Panama City


Newly opened long-term stay hotel implements VingCard RFID Mobile Access-ready locks alongside Elsafe Zenith safes.


A recently opened extended stay hotel that offers homelike surroundings and a relaxing community atmosphere, Residence Inn Panama City strives to ensure that each guest is able to locate the services and amenities that they need in order to have a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Located minutes away from Costa del Este, the property is situated in an exclusive residential and business district of Panama City  


In achieving its goal of providing guests with the highest level of relaxation, hotel leadership sought out advanced security access technology that could ensure guest safety at all times, yet that also provided each guest with ultimate convenience in being able to effortlessly move around the property.  Also essential for the hotel was the ability to implement a solution that could adapt to new trends in guest preferences and expectations, while also blending in with the property’s interior design.


By implementing VingCard Essence on guestroom doors, Residence Inn Panama City can benefit from an advanced solution that can eliminate the risk of unauthorized keycard cloning while enhancing the hotel’s unique style via its minimalistic design. With only a sleek RFID/BLE reader visible and with electronic components encased within the door itself, VingCard Essence provides Residence Inn Panama City with the ability to sidestep the bulky and commercial appearance of traditional hotel locks that can detract from an otherwise welcoming environment. With guests increasingly expecting the instant convenience of digital key functionality, Essence’s Mobile Access-ready design further equips property leadership with the ability to provide the feature without the need for additional hardware or installation. Once demographic needs or brand requirements change, Residence Inn Panama City can simply activate Mobile Access in order to provide guests with the ability to use personal devices as a secure guestroom key.

In seeking to maintain total security integrity throughout the premises, Residence Inn Panama City additionally opted to implement VingCard Classic RFID locks in back-of-house areas. With Classic RFID, the property’s staff-only locations can likewise benefit from the latest in encryption protocols to ensure that only those with authorization can gain access. With the implementation of Elsafe Zenith safes within guestrooms, guests are further able to extend feelings of security to their valued belongings thanks to Zenith’s use of the highest industry standard in anti-tamper technology.

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