SACO-The Serviced Apartment Company

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UK’s leading provider of serviced apartments simplifies check-in experience while enhancing security with ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions Mobile Access

SACO- The Serviced Apartment Company is a UK-based organization that has evolved to become a leading provider of apartment accommodation for business and leisure travelers. The company currently oversees more than 80,000 apartments in 35 countries around the world. 

With a commitment to provide its guests with an easy and hassle-free living experience, SACO sought out a security access solution that while able to enhance overall property security, could also enhance the guest experience and offer a simplified method of checking in and out. The company also desired a solution that could lower costs, enhance communication with guests and provide an opportunity to enhance targeted service promotion efforts.     

By integrating the third party guest-facing KeezApp with ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions Mobile Access and Visionline, SACO now not only allows arriving guests to skip front desk lines by using their own smart devices as a digital guestroom key, but also allows guests to use the same functionality when accessing the front door, elevator or gym. While enhancing guest satisfaction and convenience due to its more personalized and faster service, Mobile Access also provides SACO with the ability to ease the strain on labor resources by reducing the number of guests that need assistance with checking in or out. With physical keys now not a requirement for every guest, SACO is further able to reduce costs associated with keycard production.  

Mobile Access also increases the guest incentive to download a property’s mobile app by offering the instant value of enhanced convenience. Once present on a guest’s device, companies such as SACO are able to leverage an enhanced method of communication by using the app as a means to provide guests with up-to-date information on the latest services and promotions.  

While recognized for its convenience-enhancing features, ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions Mobile Access vitally also leverages advanced encryption technology to safeguard digital key and room number information from data theft and unauthorized access. Once generated, such data is transmitted to guest devices using a secure communications channel and is then stored inside a digital vault within the hotel’s app.

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