Stock Exchange Hotel


UK-based luxury boutique property leans on reputation of ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions as the market leader in security innovation to ensure guest safety while providing access to contactless digital key functionality.


Situated within what was once the site of the stock exchange in Manchester, UK, Stock Exchange Hotel is a luxury boutique property that captures the spirit and elegance of its Edwardian era heritage. As one of the city’s most historically symbolic institutions, Stock Exchange Hotel offers each guest an opportunity to encounter a unique experience that is matched by exceptional quality in service.


With Stock Exchange Hotel situated at the center of one of the UK’s largest cities, property leadership identified providing enhanced security and service as an important factor in successfully catering to its guest demographic. A core project focus included ensuring guest and staff safety at all times while still providing hassle-free access to a seamless hotel environment.


The hotel selected ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions and its VingCard Essence lock platform due to the positive results experienced by its sister property, Hotel Football, in working with the company. With VingCard Essence deployed on both guestroom doors and throughout several corridors, Stock Exchange Hotel gains the industry’s latest data encryption abilities that prevent unauthorized key cloning and a potential breach in security.

Combined with the Visionline access management system, the presence of VingCard Essence also allows hotel staff to instantly deactivate lost or stolen keycards while providing authorized guests with the ability to seamlessly access multiple onsite areas without requiring additional keys. With many of today’s guests demanding both instant convenience and contactless service, those staying at Stock Exchange Hotel can also use VingCard Essence’s Mobile Access compatibility to check-in digitally using personal devices. Completely bypassing the need to visit the front desk where germ exposure risks may be present, each guest can then receive a digital key on their personal device which grants access to guestrooms and other authorized areas.

Engineered using a minimalistic approach, VingCard Essence is also capable of blending in seamlessly with Stock Exchange Hotel’s Edwardian Baroque architecture. With only a sleek RFID/BLE reader externally visible on each door, VingCard Essence also offers a wide range of door handle options to match any specific décor need.

 In addition to ensuring guest safety, Stock Exchange Hotel also selected Elsafe Sentinel II electronic safes in order provide enhanced security for guest belongings. Sentinel safes are equipped with advanced anti-tamper labyrinth protocols and come with UL-1037 certification for physical strength and the ability to withstand numerous break-in attempts.

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