Westin Fort Lauderdale


A four-star hotel managed by TPG Hotels & Resorts, Westin Fort Lauderdale seeks to provide its guests with the ultimate in relaxing getaways. Situated next to Pompano Beach, the hotel features a convenient beach access skywalk, outdoor heated swimming pool as well as dining options to suit any guest preference.    


With hotel employee safety and efficiency becoming a top priority for the industry, Westin Fort Lauderdale sought out a solution that could provide at-risk staff with immediate assistance and that could conform with today’s legal requirements.  The hotel further sought out a platform that could simultaneously boost employee productivity and the ability to provide swift guest service.     


The Westin’s decision to implement Vostio Location Solutions came from its goal to ensure a rapid response to the precise location of an emergency and to provide endangered hotel employees with immediate support. Equipping all employees with their own alert device, the property can instantly pinpoint the exact location of a staff member in distress. Using industry-leading Bluetooth-based beacon technology and innovations in cloud technology, the Staff Safety device can transmit a signal to first responders via text message, including relevant room and floor information to ensure swift response times. Using an escalation procedure, Staff Safety ensures that a timely response is always achieved by issuing alerts to more senior personnel on unresolved employee safety threats still requiring immediate attention. The cloud-based solution also provides the property with an automated history log consisting of details including the location of an emergency, time stamps, names of operators and responders, along with additional relevant information that may be requested by law enforcement or that can be used to minimize a hotel’s liability.

Through the use of AI and Bluetooth sensors, the integration of Vostio Location Solutions also equips The Westin with advanced asset locating technology. Using the Hotel Asset Management feature to identify the location of the property’s luggage carts in real-time, The Westin can now provide guests with easier access to luggage aids by ensuring abandoned carts are returned to the property lobby. When deploying Vostio Location Solutions, which can be implemented as a component of Vostio Access Management or as a standalone solution, properties can use the geolocating capabilities to identify the exact location of room service trays, AV equipment, bulk inventory, baby cribs and more.

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