Electronic Locks - VingCard C100 E-Cylinder

The VingCard C100 E-Cylinder range is compatible with your VingCard Visionline system. 

With a wide range of cylinder lengths and profiles for different regions, the C100 range compatible with a variety of standard and narrow profile lock cases. The range is suitable for both guest room doors and back of house applications where the door types can vary. C100 can be used with a variety of door types such as sliding doors, glass doors and aluminium profile doors.



  • Supports narrow style doors
  • Supports glass doors and aluminium profile doors
  • Rugged stainless steel finish
  • Suitable for mixed VingCard installation
  • Cylinder profiles for EURO, Scandinavian and Swiss cut-outs
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Fully compatible with Visionline and Lock Service
  • Minimalistic and modern design
  • LED for status visualisation (red/green/orange)
  • Battery capacity for approximately 10 openings per day for  2 years, but depending on surrounding temperature.

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