ASSA ABLOY Elsafe's Infinity series and Sentinel series safes are the first in-room safes to pass the rigorous UL break-in test.

Elsafe has a long history of firsts. Since introducing the world's first in-room electronic safe in 1979, the company has continued to lead the industry, by incorporating innovative new security features and advanced access technologies into their product line.

That tradition of leadership continued in late 2001, when Elsafe became the world's first hotel safe manufacturer to achieve UL (Underwriters Laboratories) certification for safety. The UL-listing was awarded to Elsafe's Infinity Series.

In June 2003 the UL-listing was also awarded to Elsafe's Sentinel Series.

In order to achieve this prestigious UL-listing, the Infinity and Sentinel series had to endure rigorous testing procedures by one of the most recognized product safety-testing laboratories in the world. Tests for the UL-1037 category included:

Physical break-in test

In this test, a team of experienced testers were given free reign with a selection of tools to try and physically compromise the safe within a set period of time.

Endurance test

This test consisted of over 6,000 openings and closings, as well as 50 battery changes. With an average battery life of over 2 years, this represents approximately 100 years of normal hotel use!

Jarring test

In this dramatic demonstration, the security safe was actually hit with a steel ball to see if the physical structure and electronic components could withstand such excessive force.

Elsafe's Infinity and Sentinel series  were successful in passing all the prescribed UL testing procedures and became the first hotel safes to achieve a 1037 category listing.

How does UL-listing benefit our hotel customers?

The exclusive UL-1037 listing achieved by Elsafe's Infinity II Series and Sentinel II Series gives you added assurance that your guests' valuables are receiving the maximum level of protection possible. Since many security safes on the market today can be easily opened within 30 seconds by experienced thieves, it is important to know that the Elsafe in your guestrooms has passed extensive testing by the world's most prestigious, professional testing organization.

Not only does this protect your guests' property, it also protects your property's valuable reputation. With Elsafe, your guests can rest easy... and so can you!

Who is Underwriter's Laboratories?

For well over a century, Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. has been assessing a wide scope of consumer products for safety and reliable operation. Founded in 1894 in the United States as an independent, not-for-profit product safety testing and certification organization, UL has earned their undisputed reputation as the world's most prestigious and reliable product safety testing facility. Currently, the highly recognizable UL symbol has been placed on over 17 billion products in over 92 countries around the globe. For more information, please visit www.ul.com.

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