IoT Location Solutions

Vostio Location Solutions let you embrace the importance of place as an integral part of your business strategy. It’s where you tap into the mindset of your guests. Where you help safeguard employees. Where operations become far more efficient. Where guest loyalty grows stronger. And where you can create more value for your guests and for your business.

Vostio Location Solutions in brief

WHO Your guests, employees and partners
WHAT A wireless infrastructure using the Internet of Things (IoT) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to provide integrated real-time and proximity indoor location services
WHY Enhance guest experience, ensure employee safety, safeguard assets and streamline operations
WHEN As soon as possible to gain competitive advantage
WHERE Throughout your property
HOW Sensor beacons and gateways use BLE, a de facto standard, to connect guest and employee smartphones and share data on guest preferences and location with the cloud.

Improve your guest experience

It pays to put your focus on location services. Give your guests a hotel experience to remember. With Location Solutions, here’s what you’ll get in return.

More loyal guests

Personalize their stay with recognition, access, information, time savings and convenience.Your guests will keep coming back for more.

Boost revenue

Make more money by upselling and cross-selling more services to your guests. Plus you will savetime and money by streamlining operations.

Enhanced guest experience

Gain unique insights about your guests and offer personalized services to meet their preferences. This helps increase the average spend of eachguest during their stay.

Better asset management

Know where your assets are and that your equipment works as it should. Manage equipment performance and ensure preventive maintenance eliminates unplanned breakdowns that inconvenience your guests.

Heightened service and safety

Deliver personalized guest services and safeguard your guests and employees.

Gartner Research

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to download the 2020 Magic Quadrant for Indoor Location Services Report to review Gartner, Inc.'s analysis of the current status of the indoor location services market.