Why Polarbar?

Polarbar minibars are quality engineered to comply with the latest global refrigeration standards for in-room minibars.

Designed as either free, stand-alone units or to be mounted in cupboards or similar, the Polarbar minibars are available in 3 contemporary designs to match your hotel room.

We develop our Polarbar minibars based on expert knowledge of minibar operations, enabling us to recommend the best type of technology for your hotel.

Polarbar minibars are produced with the philosophy of using resources as efficiently as possible, creating less environmental burden. The use of environmentally superior Cyclopentane in the insulation manufacturing process, combined with low energy consumption, generous internal cabinet space and silent operation make our Polarbar minibars a four-way winner on savings, quality, flexibility and great value.

All products are CE certified and produced according to ISO9001:2000 and ISO14000 standards and WEEE regulations.

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