Why us?

Why would you consider Mobile Access from ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions today?

Future-proof Technology

In order to provide “Future-proof” technology solutions, ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions maintains a dedicated global product development team that is continually researching and implementing updates to our applications and solutions. This means that when new mobile phones or operative systems are released (both iOS & Android) you can always trust that our solutions are up to date and compatible with current technologies.


The platform and hosting environment are designed and scaled for high traffic and high reliability. Our offer includes technical support, training sessions and comprehensive Service Level Agreements.


The overall system security, powered by Seos, is derived from best in class cryptographic standards defined by NIST (National Institute of Standards). When sending the mobile keys to a user’s mobile device, a mutually authenticated channel between the ASSA ABLOY Mobile Services and the mobile device is established, ensuring safe delivery of the key. Likewise, when using the mobile key at a lock, a mutually authenticated channel is established between the mobile device and the door lock. This ensures a secure, private transaction that cannot be “sniffed” independent of the Bluetooth protocol

Onboarding services

We have a comprehensive “onboarding” program, with dedicated teams that work to facilitate and assist your processes, so you get started as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Wins Top Spot at HotelTechAwards 2018/2020 for Best Mobile Key Solution

Industry-leading pioneer of mobile access technology voted best provider of digital key functionality by hospitality customers around the world.

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