Visionline, the ideal locking solution for the most demanding properties.

Online and Offline Mode

Visionline represents what it means to ensure a safe, yet seamless hotel environment by equipping properties with the industry’s highest standard in access management technology. A patented wireless locking solution, Visionline provides properties with the ability to manage both offline- or online-based locks, with online mode offered through Radio Frequency communication using the Zigbee high security open platform. An access management platform designed to address the diverse and unique needs of each hotel, Visionline also offers a range of security, efficiency and guest satisfaction enhancing features depending on the mode of implementation.

Online features

  • Remote guestroom reassignment & stay extension without requiring front desk guest visits.
  • Instant key cancellation on all locks for any lost or stolen guest/staff keycards.
  •  Intruder alerts via email or SMS to prevent security threats & cancel suspect keycards.
  • Door ajar alerts sent to staff to investigate a potential security risk.
  • Real-time keycard user tracking with ability to provide sequence of location access events.

Offline features

  • Automatic activation of keycards & mobile keys upon check-in.
  • Easy-to-access audit trail of employee keycard usage and of any registered critical alarms.
  • Automated generating of access management reports that are routinely submitted via email to recipients as notifications.
  • Automatic deactivation of keycards and mobile keys based on check-out time.
  • Availability of keycard update stations where guests can update keycard data and receive room number details.
  • Options to create & issue function keycards that can block/allow access based on specific hotel needs. 

Our Visionline software system is a wireless locking solution that allows stand-alone electronic hotel locks to operate in online mode through Radio Frequency (RF-online) that is based on the Zigbee high security open platform.

The system contains numerous features that will lead to major benefits for your property.

  • More Security and Control
  • More Services to your Guests
  • More Efficient and Cost Effective Hotel Operations
  • More Efficient Front Desk Operations
  • More Efficient Engineering and Maintenance
  • ... And Less Hassle ...

Visionline by VingCard integrates with all of our VingCard online locks, Elsafe in-room safes and energy management offerings.



  • Remote guest card cancellation
  • Remote master card cancellation
  • Wandering intruder report/alarm
  • Door ajar alert
  • Extended stay without visiting reception
  • Remote “change my room” function
  • Online passage mode activation
  • Live tracking of card users
  • Auto guest check-out
  • Block cards per user and per section
  • Remote audit trail
  • Remote low battery status
  • Insert maintenance report cards
  • Auto SMS/e-mail alert option
  • ... and many more

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