Features & Benefits

Unlock the power of the cloud

Vostio provides guest access management flexibility and control for all types of establishments, whether a hostel, independent boutique brand or upmarket hotel chain.

Main Features:

  • Guest key management
  • Staff key management
  • Elevator support
  • PMS system integration
  • Mobile keys support
  • Audit trail logs and reports
  • Fallback mode
  • Vostio Access Management front desk web portal
  • Vostio Access Management service tool
  • Streamlined configuration of access control systems and hardware
  • Enhanced system scalability and availability
  • Access to solution applications via most devices

Cloud based

Scalable, modular and always up-to-date, Vostio Access Management also eliminates on-site system maintenance and associated costs.


Sidestepping the need for a manual, Vostio Access Management offers an intuitive experience that can be accessed from the front desk, back office or on the go.


Using AWS security best practices and the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), Vostio Access Management safeguards all data and ensures system integrity with routine vulnerability reviews and automatic security updates.