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Application partner for ID06

  • Technology for ID06 cards according to PIV standard with millions of card readers in use
  • Opportunity for biometric reading that supports unique biometric algorithm, designed for low quality fingerprints available in the construction industry
  • Fast fingerprint matching for immediate passage and 100% accuracy when registering
  • Proven technology used in thousands of workplaces

Improves productivity and profitability

  • Technological solutions reduce manual data processing and paperworkImproves visibility and traceability
  • Enables decision-making at construction site and group level
  • Ensures that projects are completed on time, to high quality and safety

Our promise: one profile per person

  • Our solutions for managing employees generate a single profile per person
  • The contractors can establish a genuine history, competence and warning register for all employees on the construction site
  • The technology matches duplicates of several profiles when employees are active on several construction sites, which also ensures that the GDPR is met