How it works?

Create a reliable, cost-effective wireless infrastructure for indoor locationservices. Smartphones, beacons and badges, gateways and the cloudcommunicate and send location data to your systems.

  • Creating low footprint, low cost BLE network. 
  • Supporting an eco-system of smartphones, iBeacon & Eddystone BLE beacons along with Bluvision’s robust signal scanning technology. 
  • Mobile software development kit.
  • Rapid, simple deployment 
  • Fleet management and monitoring 
  • Over 200 APIs and Kinesis real-time data streams 
  • Real-time monitoring and analytics 
  • Self-calibrated location engine 
  • Advanced policies, reporting and dashboard tools
  • Software driven with minimal infrastructure 
  • Plug in a BluFi gateway 
  • Provisioning smartphone app 
  • Immediate impact
  • Wide range of form factors 
  • Encrypted communications 
  • Four- to five-year battery life 
  • Sensor packs 
  • Support Guest Experience, Wayfinding and Condition Monitoring 
  • Mobile–to–Beacon + Cloud–to–Beacon communications 
  • Support iBeacon & Eddystone Beacon fleet management 
  • Location accuracy within one meter (RTLS) Zone location (PLS)

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