Mobile Access for Hospitality

Irrespective of the solution deployed, the same core mobile access will give guests an experience that is convenient, secure and time-saving.

How Mobile Access works?

With the new Mobile Access by ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions your guests can skip the front desk, using their smartphone or watch as a secure key.This new solution maximizes operational efficiency, guest loyalty and convenience, as well as reducing costs and driving revenue.

1. Download the app and register

2. Make the reservation

3. Receive a notification with the room number and mobile key

4. Bypass check-in and go directly to the room

5. Hold the smartphone to the door lock and enter the room


Our Mobile Access allows hotel guests and busy travelers to completely jump the queue and save time. This provides for an incredible new experience. Check-in can be done autonomously depending on what solution you employ.

Benefits for the hotel guests

- Unique experience
- No need for keys or keycards or replacement cards
- Hassle-free entry into rooms
- Convenient and secure

Benefits for the hotel

- Strengthened hotel image and guest loyalty
- More efficient operations
- Reduced operational costs
- Increased competitiveness