A Contactless Entry Solution for the New Normal of Hospitality

With Mobile Access by ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions, provide your guests with an alternative to visiting the front desk by using their mobile devices to check-in from safe distances. Also able to use their own devices as a secure digital key throughout your hotel, guests using Mobile Access not only experience enhanced convenience but will also welcome the ability to reduce their contact with potential surface area risks.

Ensuring Safe Social Distancing While Offering the Ultimate in Contactless Entry Convenience

Engineered using Seos®, the first ever multiplatform ecosystem for issuing, delivering or revoking digital keys, Mobile Access provides guests with the ultimate in check-in and room entry convenience while ensuring their safety and security at all times. Along with its ability to minimize unnecessary exposure to surfaces, Mobile Access ensures the highest standards in guest safety by using advanced data encryption technology to eliminate the threat of unauthorized access.

1. Regain the confidence of your guests by offering a more trusted alternative to physical front desk check-in

2. Side step the need for physical keycards to reduce exposure to germs while eliminating plastic waste

3. Reduce reliance on OTAs by providing guests with a greater incentive to download your hotel’s mobile app and book direct

4. Enhance visibility for customized promotional messaging to guest devices via the mobile app

5. Streamline hotel operations and allow your staff to focus on other areas that lead to enhanced guest satisfaction