Key Issuance

How a digital key is issued – The ecosystem

  • Guest confirms mobile booking and hotel server initializes check-in.
  • The hotel’s property management system (PMS) allocates a room and requests Visionline* to issue a key.
  • Visionline generates a digital key, and transfers it to the cloud-based ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions Mobile Services, for secure over-the-air delivery.
  • The cloud-based ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions Mobile Services encrypts and securely delivers the key to the assigned phone. 
  • The guest’s smartphone receives the encrypted key in a secure key vault within the app.
  • When presented to the lock, the access app transmits the encrypted key to the lock through a secure communication channel
  • The lock decrypts the digital key and unlocks the door

*Visionline is ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions access control software that manages and generates hotel room keys. 

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