Access management for student housing

With ever more ways to interact with electronic locking systems, it is vital to have one seamless, coherent solution that brings everything together, ensuring simple, intuitive security.

Access Management ensures that residence administrators can offer each and every student a way to access different areas, tailored specifically to their needs - it’s a complete ecosystem that can provide everything from simple electronic locks and fobs to a fully integrated solution with mobile device access and cloud-based administration and monitoring.Access Management

Users can build the solution on a modular basis, according to their growing needs, confident that they’re future-proofing their investment in a system that is constantly evolving and developing, offering the very latest technical innovations.

Our full solution for student accommodation includes:

  • Access management software - configure and monitor your students’ access, remotely or on-site
  • Electronic locks - suitable for every budget and design requirement
  • Credentials - advanced Seos® encryption for issuing digital keys
  • Livvi mobile access - our brand new app allows mobile devices to be used to access specified areas
  • The latest contactless and encryption technologies

In the cloud and on-site.

Central to our access management solution are two cutting edge technologies, Vostio and Visionline:

Vostio offers cloud-based administration, giving you a complete overview of your access solution, no matter how remote.

Visionline connects all on site hardware, both wired and wireless, allowing secure communication and monitoring.


At home. In the cloud.

Vostio brings residence management to the cloud, offering access management anytime, anywhere, whether for a single residence or multiple locations. Future proof and secure your access management systems, with automatic updates and one simple, central hub for all operations. Peace of mind has never been easier.

Key benefits


On-site System and Software Solutions

Visionline is a highly flexible communications system, working with both offline and online doors. Online solutions can be created by combining wired ethernet and wireless ZigBee locks to create the most efficient setup for your individual needs. For Visionline wired online, PoE (power over ethernet) can be used. Visionline has extensive reporting capabilities, allowing administrators to view many key data aspects, from low battery reports to full audit trail.

ZigBee Standard

Software packages

Advanced Online Module

  • Door ajar alarm
  • Inside opening audit trail
  • Wandering intruder alert
  • Sequential intruder alert
  • Block cards per user group or section
  • Live card tracking
  • Insert maintenance report card
  • Online passage mode activation

Standard Online Module

  • Central card cancellation
  • Remote audit trail
  • Low battery report
  • Extended stay (delay in changeover schedule)
  • Room move
  • Auto check-out of student card

Safety Module

  • Open doors from central location*
  • Close doors from central location*
    *Special conditions apply

Communication Module

  • SMS/email alert
  • On screen alarm panels

Mobile Access Module

  • Manage mobile access credentials

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