The mobile access app for students

With today’s students more likely to leave their wallet at home than their smartphone, mobile devices are the perfect way to allow quick, secure residence access.

The Livvi app suits residences that want to provide students with mobile access in a simple, intuitive package. No integrations or 3rd party dependencies required.

How it works for the residence administrator

How it works for student

Integrating Livvi into your access solution is win-win, with students benefiting from quick, secure access through their mobile devices and residences able to monitor and administer with a minimum of fuss and maintenance.

Benefits for students

  • Efficient - one device for locking and interacting
  • Convenient – no need to carry a key
  • Secure – encryption, plus the password protection the phone itself provides
  • Easy - intuitive app
  • Enjoyable - unique user experience
  • Universal - iOS and Android compatible

Benefits for administrator

  • Efficient - ease arrival and changeover day stress by eliminating queues
  • Productive - centralized administration and monitoring
  • Simple - reduced administrative workload
  • Practical - no more dealing with lost keys
  • Secure - no risk of card/fob sharing or subletting
  • Personalized - administrative portal allows residences to customize app graphics
  • Time-saving - lock battery status reporting for efficient maintenance

Key features

  • Powered by Seos®, the world’s first multi-platform ecosystem for issuing, delivering and revoking digital keys – offering industry leading security and end-to-end encryption
  • Compatible with VingCard Classic, Signature, Allure, Essence, Flex locks and also Remote Controllers
  • Complete oversight and easy management of issuing and revoking of credentials
  • Phone PIN code adds extra layer of security
  • iOS and Android compatible, available through Apple App Store and Google Play
  • Works alongside physical access cards and fobs, if required
  • The Livvi app is available through Apple App Store and Google Play

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