Pangea Pod Hotel Leverages ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions Technology to Provide Guests with Seamless and Secure Check-in Experience

Ultra-modern and pod-based property implements Essence door locks alongside self check-in kiosks and RFID wristbands to offer maximum convenience, security and service personalization.

Stockholm – May 7, 2019 – ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions has announced the successful implementation of VingCard Essence door locks at the Pangea Pod Hotel, a recently opened property based in Whistler, Canada, that provides its guests with the latest in comfort and convenience while ensuring privacy and low pricing via its unique pod-based design. With guests able to check themselves in using a self-service kiosk, the presence of Essence door locks works to extend feelings of enhanced convenience throughout the premises as guests either enter the building or attempt to access certain areas, while always maintaining the highest security standards.

Once checked-in using the property’s proprietary self-check-in kiosks, each guest receives their own personalized RFID wristband which, in addition to being used as a form of payment for on-site purchases such as drinks or food, is used as a secure key for Essence door locks at Pangea. A solution that leverages its minimalistic design to seamlessly blend in with the Pangea Pod Hotel’s chic style, Essence features only a stylish RFID reader that is visible to guests, with all other components encased within the door itself. While Essence ensures that each guest is able to gain seamless access by placing their wristband within proximity of the RFID reader, the solution is also equipped with the industry’s most advanced security protocols. This includes anti-key cloning abilities that leverages advanced data encryption to eliminate the risk of unauthorized access. Wristband keys are also instantly deactivated upon guest check-out, further preventing any potential lapse in security integrity.

“As Canada’s first capsule-based concept, Pangea is all about demonstrating how comfort, convenience, high-end design but also affordability and security can all exist together within a single location, and Essence door locks play a vital role in allowing us to achieve this,” says Russell King, Co-founder of the Pangea Pod Hotel. “Using the Essence door lock simply made the most sense for us. Not only do its features reflect our goal of giving our guests more control over their stay (not to mention keeping them safe), but its ability to evolve as needs change helps to realize our ambitions of continuing to serve as a cutting-edge establishment into the long-term future.” 

Designed as a future-proof solution, all Essence door locks come Mobile Access-ready. This allows hoteliers to later upgrade to providing guests with the ability to use personal smart devices as digital room access keys, without the need for any additional equipment purchases or installations. Likewise prioritizing guest safety as much as convenience, Mobile Access by ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions leverages advanced encryption technology to safeguard digital key and room number information from data theft and unauthorized access. Once generated, such data is transmitted to guest devices using a secure communications channel and is then stored inside a digital vault within a hotel's app. Once a guest presents their device within proximity to the appropriate guestroom lock, digital key information is again transmitted via a secure channel in order to ensure that data is not able to be compromised at any step of the process.

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About the Pangea Pod Hotel – Proximity and privacy without the price tag. Pangea was born out of a need for a new kind of accommodation in Whistler – a place where people with a shared passion for mountain sports, travel or just life in general could meet, relax and share stories but still have their own personal space at the end of the day.

With this in mind, we created something unique – an affordable yet boutique property offering private pods that are both cozy (think natural wood finishes) and well-equipped (cue USB ports) within a chic, laid-back setting. And best of all, we put it right in the heart of Whistler, a couple minutes’ stroll from the nearest gondolas.

We’re not a hotel. We’re not a hostel. We’re the best of both worlds, providing our guests the privacy and comfort of a hotel and the affordability and social vibe of a hostel. So while you can just draw back the curtain to your pod and plug into your iPad at the end of a big day on the mountains, you can also connect with other travellers over a craft beer in The Living Room or on The Rooftop Patio. For more information on the Pangea Pod Hotel and its ground-breaking accommodation offering, please visit

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